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Alpine Safety

Explore our mountains in safety.

For greater safety in Austria's ski areas

Here you will find the latest weather and avalanche reports as well as lots of information about road and piste conditions.

Recommendations for Sledders

For your personal safety, please follow these simple rules when sledding:

  • The sled run is completely closed after 10 p.m. (lights are also turned off at 10 o'clock)
  • Only stop and wait at designated waiting zones, and never stop near curves.
  • Only cross the sled run where there is clear visibility.
  • Whenever the sled run has been busy, ruts may have been created on the surface. Please adjust your speed to match the surface conditions.
  • Always hold onto your sled's rope to avoid unnecessarily endangering your fellow sledders or losing your sled.
  • To truly enjoy your ride, you will also need to wear appropriate clothing. We especially recommend ski goggles, a scarf, cap, ski pants or spats, gloves, sturdy boots - though no ski boots. Children ages 6 and under should always ride on a parent's sled! Our tip: Sledding with a helmet is always safer!
  • Be considerate of other sledders. Behave in ways that do not endanger or harm others.
  • Alcohol impairs sledding just as it does driving. Drug use of any kind increases reaction times and reduces your ability to evaluate dangerous situations.
  • Sledding on ski pistes is dangerous and prohibited.
  • Always obey closures and warning signs.
  • Obtain the latest reports on snow and weather conditions (Wildkogel Lifts SnowPhone: +43 6565 6205).


If you have had an accident and need help, posted on each lighting mast is the phone number for mountain rescue (140) as well as a number that gives your exact location. Secure the accident site the best you can and warn approaching sledders. Rescue costs are based on a set list of charges.


We wish you a fun-filled, accident-free sledding expedition!

Further information about piste safety can be found here.

Slope rescue


Tel. +43 6565 6405-33 or 140 or at any lift station!


We request your understanding that rescue costs are charged (€ 110 or € 220 from 4:30 p.m.). Helicopter rescue costs are not included in this amount. Our slope and rescue service only monitors marked and open slopes - you enter open terrain at your own risk.


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