Snowy Wildkogel-Arena

Ski Longer and Better Than Anywhere Else

The Wildkogel-Arena is clearly Old Man Winter’s favorite hangout! Here, excellent conditions for skiers and snowboarders last well into springtime. Even when winter has long since bid farewell in other winter sports regions, the season at our multiple award-winning family ski area continues until after Easter. During the winter months, due to the location and orientation of the ski area, so much snow accumulates in Wildkogel-Arena Neukirchen and Bramberg that it remains on the ground longer than anywhere else. 

Meteorologists Confirm the Long Winter

GeoSphere Austria has put out a report confirming stable snow conditions in the ski area from the end of November until April. The core zone of the ski resort between the Frühmesser (2,233 m), Braunkogel (2,167 m), Gensbichlscharte (2,021 m), and Wildkogel (2,224 m) can now count on good snow depths from the end of November until April – even independent of natural precipitation. Over the past ten years, average daily temperatures below freezing have prevailed from the last week or so of November until the transition from March to April. 

The Wildkogel-Arena is undoubtedly Old Man Winter’s favorite hangout: here, the winter arrives and settles in to stay – with meters of snow and brilliant conditions that simply thrill winter sports enthusiasts. Skiers who ride the Wildkogelbahn or Smaragdbahn lifts from the National Park villages of Neukirchen or Bramberg up to over 2,000 meters above sea level, find themselves in a snowy wonderland that extends until spring; a world virtually unbeknown to the people in the valley far below. Meteorologist Michael Butschek from GeoSphere Austria, head of the Salzburg and Upper Austria regional office, explains why this is so:

"The Wildkogel, at its higher elevations, features a north-facing, very wide valley basin. During the winter months, a lot of snow accumulates here, snow which is also perfectly distributed by the wind in the not-too-steep terrain. And this is what allows it to last well into spring."

Many locals, who have known the "Kogl" (Wildkogel-Arena ski area) since childhood like the back of their hand, confirm: "While other ski areas also have north-facing slopes at similar elevations, the Wildkogel-Arena enjoys a great advantage by having many lifts in this favorable alpine basin. Skiing here is possible practically everywhere, not just on isolated slopes as is the case at this time of year in many other ski areas."

Long, Full Days of Skiing in Ideal Conditions Well into Spring

It doesn’t just feel that way, it’s very real: skiing on beautiful pistes is possible for longer in the Wildkogel-Arena than anywhere else. Even residents of the big, famous ski areas nearby come to us. If you enjoy the perfectly groomed, neatly furrowed pistes first thing in the morning, you will simply love it as the snow gradually softens under the sunlight, allowing you to carve across it like you’re on delicate butter.

Top Offers Until Easter

In January and March, recreational skiers are able to swish over the slopes with the help of the Snow Waltz package. Meanwhile, guests from Hamburg and the surrounding area benefit from a particularly good deal in the form of the SKI AHOY package. 

The numerous rustic huts and mountain restaurants, with their spacious sun terraces, are the perfect complement for spring-like days of skiing spent in the Wildkogel-Arena.



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