Winter Hikes & Unforgettable Nature in Wildkogel-Arena

On foot through the powder snow

During your winter holidays, slow down the pace of your life, allow your eyes to gaze off into the distance and your thoughts to wander. Simply take one step after the other, kick up small clouds of snow, and trace your tracks across the endless white of fields blanketed deep in “the white stuff”. Only if you can take the foot of the gas and coast into a more leisurely frame of mind, are you able to truly absorb the nature which surrounds you. Nowhere else do snow crystals glisten more brightly than during a winter hike in the fresh powder. Which makes hiking in winter a perfect choice for nature lovers, keep-fit enthusiasts, and everyone who wants to take a break from skiing for a day. 

  • ca. 1 h
  • ca. 2.7 km

Wildkogel Winter Hiking Path

This winter hiking path gives you a great opportunity to explore our beloved local mountain on foot. Regardless of where you start – at the top station of the Wildkogelbahn or of the Smaragdbahn lifts – the amazing panorama of the countless 3000ers in the Hohe Tauern range as well as the “tallest Salzburger”, the Grossvenediger (elev. 3657 m), is certain to amaze you.

This scenic winter hiking path leads from the mountain station of the Smaragdbahn to the mountain station of the Wildkogelbahn, continuing to the lift station on the Gensbichlalm. 

Actual walking time: ca. 1 hour, ca. 2.7 km.

Opening times: in suitable weather conditions whenever the Wildkogel lifts are running

  • ca. 2 h
  • ca. 6.3 km

Wintry Hike to the Steineralm

Yet another beautiful winter hike leads you to the Steineralm in Dürnbachtal.
The starting point is the Rossberg outside Neukirchen – at the fork in the path just above Alpengasthof Rechtegg. We suggest enjoying a short rest at the Taubenstein chapel, then continue farther into the valley. Shortly after the path emerges from the forest, you will be able to see the Steineralm, where they will be happy to serve you a selection of delicious treats to energize you for the hike back.

  • ca. 1 h
  • ca. 2.5 km

Bramberg Lantern Path

For a truly memorable experience, we suggest a leisurely (evening) stroll through the snowy winter countryside, following the Lantern Path in Bramberg. From the first weekend in Advent until February 2nd, a wide variety of lanterns illuminate this path from approximately 5 to 9 p.m. At the halfway point, a renovated Pinzgau-style hayshed - the Krippenstadel – invites you to take a short break. Here, you will be able to marvel at magical Nativity scenes from the surrounding region.

This hike begins at the train station in Bramberg (parking available). Behind the station, a small, pleasant hiking path leads across the snowy fields to the Rosenbühelsteg, continuing to the Krippenstadel and then briefly uphill to the Kneipp facility in Wenns. Here, turn left and walk through a short patch of forest until you come to the end of the Lantern Path.  You can return the same way or follow the road through Wenns until you come to the bridge over the Salzach. Here, you can either make a left and return to your original starting point via the Salzach & Tauern cycle- and footpath, or keep going straight, through the village of Bramberg in the direction of the station. Along the way, be sure to pay a visit to the beautiful Nativity scene on display at the village pavilion.

Actual walking time: ca. 1 hour, ca. 2.5 km

  • ca. 0.15 h
  • ca. 1 km

Natura Trail Blausee

Located in a forest niche at the entrance to Obersulzbachtal, you will discover picturesque, idyllic Blausee.

The starting point for this small, delightful hike is Gasthof Siggen. Passing the Siggen chapel and 1 – 2 hairpin bends, you will already have reached Blausee lake. A path runs around Blausee, with info boards that provide fascinating insights into area flora and fauna.

Combine this excursion with a break for tasty refreshments at Gasthof Siggen, or at  Gasthof Schütthof close by.

Actual walking time: ca. 15 minutes, 1 km

  • ca. 4.5 h
  • ca. 13 km


In suitable snow conditions, the Sonnenweg is also a wonderful walk in wintertime, a scenic hiking path at moderate elevations.

You will begin in Neukirchen, e.g. at Gasthof Rechtegg, and continue eastwards in the direction of the Steinerbauer – Gasthof Stockenbaum (option here to drop back down to Neukirchen), Gasthof Neuhaushof (here, too, you can hike down to Neukirchen), continuing to Bramberg and the Walsbergbauer farm (option to hike down to Bramberg via Leiten), then to the extended Riagger & Reiter hairpin bends, following the hiking path which drops downhill to the right as far as the crossing by the steam (path here down to Bramberg), or continue to the Haslachbauer via a flat, wide hiking path to the part of town known as Mühlbach, where the Sonnenweg ends next to Kraftquelle Herrnmühle.

Naturally, you can also walk the Sonnenweg in reverse direction: starting out from Kraftquelle Herrnmühle in Mühlbach

Actual walking time: ca. 4.5 hours, ca. 13 km

  • ca. 2 h
  • ca. 12 km

Salzach Footpath, Neukirchen & Bramberg

You can enjoy a delightful walk for kilometer-upon-kilometer and with no inclines of note, along the banks of the River Salzach both in Neukirchen and Bramberg. You can join the pathway at many different locations in our two National Park villages, whilst you also have the option of continuing west in the direction of Wald and Krimml, or east towards Hollersbach.

A number of refreshment points and country inns along the way invite you to enjoy a break and bite to eat from time to time.

Actual walking time: anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, ca. 12 km (Rosental village)

  • ca. 4.5 h
  • ca. 17.5 km

Chapel Path

Take a bit of a timeout and enjoy a stroll along the Chapel Path in Neukirchen. It begins at the parish church in Neukirchen, leading for roughly 17.5 km, via Schloss Hohenneukirchen to the small community of Rosental, then to Sulzau before returning you to the village center.

Unlike many hikes, the Chapel Path is rejuvenating both for body and soul. At each chapel, one of the 10 Commandments is formulated as a good wish intended to guide each of us on our path through life.

Of course, you can also complete the Chapel Path in multiple stages.

Actual walking time: ca. 4 – 4.5 hours, ca. 17.5 km

Access point: Neukirchen parish church / end of Pension Mühlhof – Berndlkapelle

  • ca. 0.45 h
  • ca. 2 km

Wildlife Path in Neukirchen

The Wildlife Path offers a beautiful, relaxed winter walk with the whole family through the romantic, snowy forest. This nature trail begins next to Hotel Hubertus at the Hubertus chapel and leads via nine stations inviting big and small to learn interesting facts about native animals and their habitats, heading in a westerly direction as far as Gasthof Venedigerblick in the small community of Rosental.

Refreshment opportunities at the beginning and end of the path.

Actual walking time: ca. 45 minutes, ca. 2 km

Tips to make your hike in the glistening winter countryside even more delightful

  • Ankle-high hiking boots with nonslip soles 
  • Warm, waterproof hiking gear, 
  • gaiters, gloves & a cap or headband
  • Dress in layers
  • Sunblock and sunglasses
  • Plenty of water and snacks 

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