Hiking in mineral-rich Habachtal

A valley that draws countless amateur mineralogists every year

Beautiful, natural Habachtal Valley in the Hohe Tauern mountains outside Bramberg am Wildkogel is world famous due to its emerald deposits - unique in Europe - and its wealth of minerals in general. If you would like to learn more, we would suggest a hike along the Emerald Path, which will introduce you and your children to the mineralogy and geology of Habachtal in fascinating, playful ways. In addition, you can even actively try your hand at panning for emeralds.

Taxi into the Habachtal - Tel. +43 664 3420609

From the parking ground Habachtal to the Enzianhütte and to the Alpengasthof Alpenrose

Departure parking ground May and June: 09.00 am, 10.00 am, 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm

Departure parking ground  July, August und Septemer: 07.45 am, 09.00 am, 10.00 am, 1.30 pm and 4.30 pmr

Return May - September: 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm

Pre-registration is essential!

Hiking Paths in Habachtal

Emerald Path

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Emerald Path

On the "Emerald Path",  the goal is to allow hikers to experience the beautiful landscapes of the Wildkogel Arena on the one hand, and to provide them with information about the mineralogy and geology of Habachtal Valley on the other. In designing the trail, we focused on making it as playful and easily understandable as possible.

The Emerald Path in Hohe Tauern National Park branches off from the wide road just after the small information building at the Habachtal car park in Bramberg, leading alongside the splashing waters of the Habach. At the "Grüner Boden", you will find some interesting tips about the most important minerals found in Habachtal, as well as about a legendary figure known as the "Venedigermandl". After the bridge over the Habach, the Emerald Path meanders through an area with an extraordinary number of natural springs. By means of a bridge onto a large rock in the middle of the Habach, you can experience first-hand the wildness of this mountain stream. After this, the Emerald Path leads through gentle, lightly forested areas of alpine pastures. Yet another figure drawn from legend tells the tale of the Fazenwand. With the valley head and its glistening glaciers in sight, you are now presented with fascinating insights into the geology and most important minerals of Habachtal. And of course, here in our family-friendly Wildkogel Arena you will also find a playground for the kids as well as climbing opportunities, close to Gasthof Enzianhütte.

The highlight of the Emerald Path is a landslide area close to Gasthaus Alpenrose. Here, you can borrow all the gear you need to hunt and pan for emeralds. With a little bit of patience, everyone has the chance to find an emerald here. The romantically situated Moa-Alm and the small Ahornsee tarn represent the conclusion of the Emerald Path, set against a unique mountain backdrop.


WildkogelAktiv Program

Panning for emeralds

Family Hike to the Moa-Alm






Meeting point







- Panning for Emeralds -

The "Emerald Express" will take you to Habachtal Valley and Alpengasthof Alpenrose. After a short hike, we will hunt and pan for a wide range of minerals, especially emeralds. At 5:30 p.m., hopefully after "striking it rich", we will return by taxi!

- Difficulty -


- Registration -

By 5 p.m. of the day before at the Bramberg tourist office

- Meeting Point -

8:45 am at the Habachtal car park

- Fee -

free with Nationalpark Summercard MOBIL / Guest Card

without Nationalpark Summercard MOBIL / Guest Card € 4.00 adults, € 2.00 children (taxi fare extra)

- Dates -

every Thursday from
mid June - beginning/mid of October 2017

- Tip -

Bring along rubber boots or sturdy mountain shoes






Meeting Point






- Family Hike to the Moa-Alm -

Personal tour of the Moaalm – in the same original condition since 1771.
Your hosts cook on a wood-burning stove, while the former cow barn has been refunctioned into a dining room for guests.
Followed by an opportunity to taste an original Pinzgau specialty:
“Kasnockn, Möchamus or Holzknechtnockn"

- Difficulty -


- Registration -

By 4 p.m. oft the day before

- Meeting point -

08.30 a.m. at Habachtal car park

Option to return by taxi at 2 p.m. (charged extra), or we will hike back together

- Fee -

€ 4,00 per person with Nationalpark Summercard MOBIL / Guest card

Children 14 and under are free

Drinks not included

- Dates -

Every Tuesday from  06.06. - nid October 2017 

- Huts in Habachtal -

Alpengasthof Alpenrose


1.386 m


5733 Bramberg

Familie Egger

+43 6566 8670

+43 664 91 68 022

- Alpengasthof Alpenrose -

Alpengasthof Alpenrose in Habachtal is also an ideal starting point for mineral hunters.

You can reach the Alpenrose either by Valley Taxi or on foot - taking about 2 hours to hike. This inn is open from mid-May until mid-October.

Enjoy your holidays in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The Alpenrose serves local specialties and pastries.

35 beds as well as a mattress dorm (group accommodations) for around 30 people are available for those wishing to spend the night.

Also provided is a beautiful shower room along with a drying room for boots and clothing.

Located right next to the inn is a site where you can pan for emeralds.

1.313 m


5733 Bramberg

Familie Blaikner

+43 6566 7383

+43 664 9068611

- Enzianhütte -

The Enzianhütte in Habachtal serves as an ideal base for mineral collectors.

The Enzianhütte can be reached either by Valley Taxi or on foot - the hiking time is around 1 1/2 hours.

The hut is open from mid-May until mid-October.

Once at the Enzianhütte, you can quench your thirst as you are treated to delicious treats from their own organic farm.

If you need accommodations, 28 beds along with a mattress dorm provide space for around 20 people to spend the night.


Neue Thüringerhütte

1.410 m


5733 Bramberg

Andreas Kreil

+43 664 3519966

- Moa-Alm -

The Moa-Alm has been in its original state since 1771, the oldest hut in the Habachtal.
Easily accessible for hikers and mountainbikers.

The cow shed was converted into a guest-house, whole-day warm kitchen, homemade food.
Cooked on a wood stove (about 70 - 80 years old)

Simple, quaint, cozy, good ...

Open depending on snow and weather conditions: End of May - October
Open daily from about 8.00 am

2.240 m


5733 Bramberg

Gertraud Aberger

+43 6566 20126

+43 664 42 73 214

- Neue Thüringerhütte -

The Thüringerhütte is a hut managed by the Alpine Association and is open from mid-June until the end of September.

Naturally, at the Thüringerhütte they are pleased to serve you a delicious selection of homemade foods.

You can also spend the night in one of 50 sleeping-bag spots or one of 30 beds.

To reach the Thüringerhütte, you can take the Valley Taxi to Alpengasthof Alpenrose.

Once there, you will hike between 2 1/2 (via the Noitroi) and 3 1/2 hrs. (regular trail) until you arrive at the Thüringerhütte.


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