The Kogel-Mogel kids' areas in the Wildkogel Arena

Learn to ski and snowboard with Kogel-Mogel and Kogel-Mia

As a family-friendly ski area, we think it's important to take excellent care of the youngsters here in the Wildkogel Arena and insure they have great fun learning to ski or snowboard. Aside from numerous attractions, the kids will also be greeted by our cuddly mascots, Kogel-Mogel and Kogel-Mia, adding more joy and enjoyment to all of their experiences.

Highly trained ski instructors at the ski schools in Neukirchen and Bramberg, plus excellently equipped Kogel-Mogel children's areas, provide an ideal foundation upon which to learn skiing or snowboarding. Magic carpets, kid-appropriate instructional aids, a special kids' restaurant and much more guarantee totally successful days of skiing with others the same age. Please note that the children's area can only be used in combination with a ski course.

For the littlest kids (ages 3 and older), we offer fun-filled "munchkin courses" that will teach them the basics of skiing. Slightly older children are able to practice their skills in kids' areas next to the mountain station of the Wildkogelbahn in Neukirchen or the mountain station of the Smaragdbahn in Bramberg. And those youngsters with lots of experience will be able to slice down the regular pistes together with their ski instructors.

If the little piste runners need a break from skiing, but mom and dad want to perfect their carving swings, a professional child care will be offered in the mountain restaurant for children from 2 years old. All information you will find here >>


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Status Typ Name
I Wildkogelbahn I
II Wildkogelbahn II
III Smaragdbahn I
IV Smaragdbahn II
V Ganzeralm
VI Frühmesser X-press
VII Pfeifferköpfl
VIII Braunkogel Schlepplift
IX Gensbichlalm
X Ganzeralm Tellerlift
XI Wolkenstein Tellerlift
XII Preimis Schlepplift
XIII Eggerfeld Anfängerlift
XIV Wennser Gletscher I
XV Wennser Gletscher II
XVI Kaserboden
XVII Wildkogelscharte I
XVIII Wildkogelscharte II
XIX Ganzer X-press
Status Typ Name
19 1 Wildkogelbahn Berg - Mitte
18 1a Wildkogelbahn Mitte - Neukirchen Talabfahrt
18 2 Pfeifferköpfl Berg - Smaragdbahn Berg
19 2 Wildkogelbahn Berg - Pfeifferköpfl
20 2 Pfeifferköpfl
18 3 Ganzeralm
19 3 Ganzeralm
18 4a Wildkogelbahn Berg - Ganzeralm
18 4b Smaragdbahn Berg - Braunkogel / Ganzeralm
18 5a Pfeifferköpfl (Autobahn)
18 5b Geisl Hochalm - Ganzer X-press
18 6a Wildkogelbahn Berg - Gensbichlalm
18 6b Neukirchen Talabfahrt
20 6 Neukirchen Talabfahrt
18 7 Gensbichlalm
19 7 Gensbichlalm
18 8 Gensbichlalm - Braunkogel
19 9 Braunkogel
20 10 Braunkogel - Ganzeralm
19 11 Braunkogel / Frühmesser Süd - Ganzeralm
19 12 Frühmesser - Ganzeralm
18 13 Frühmesser
19 14a Smaragdbahn Berg - Mitte
19 14b Smaragdbahn Mitte - Bramberg Talabfahrt
20 16 Braunkogel
18 17 "Skimovie" Rennstrecke
20 18 Ganzer X-press
18 1b Skiweg Stockenbaum
18 14a Skiweg Bramberg
18 14b Skiweg Smaragdbahn Mitte - Bramberg
18 15 Skiweg Neuhaus
22 32 Pfeiferköpfl
Status Name
Talloipe Bramberg
Loipe Neudau
Loipe Dürnbach
Loipe Rosental
Loipe Sulzau
Loipe Trattenbach
Loipe Schönbach
Loipe Einöd
Loipe Markteinstieg Stockerfeld
Status Name
14a Rodelbahn Bramberg
14b Rodelbahn Smaragdbahn Mitte - Bramberg
1b Familien-Rodelbahn Stockenbaum
15 Familien-Rodelbahn Neuhaus
Rodelbahn Kühnreit