Theme Paths in the Wildkogel Arena

For more adventure during your hike

Out on the theme paths of the Wildkogel Arena, hikers are introduced to the Hohe Tauern National Park Region in ways which are playful and easy to understand. This makes them ideal for big and small, promising added adventure during your hikes - especially for the kids. We invite you to give them a try! We wish you lots of fun exploring the theme paths of the Wildkogel Arena.

Theme Paths

Emerald Path

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Chapel Path

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"View through the Tauern Window"

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Emerald Path

On the "Emerald Path",  the goal is to allow hikers to experience the beautiful landscapes of the Wildkogel Arena on the one hand, and to provide them with information about the mineralogy and geology of Habachtal Valley on the other. In designing the trail, we focused on making it as playful and easily understandable as possible.

The Emerald Path in Hohe Tauern National Park branches off from the wide road just after the small information building at the Habachtal car park in Bramberg, leading alongside the splashing waters of the Habach. At the "Grüner Boden", you will find some interesting tips about the most important minerals found in Habachtal, as well as about a legendary figure known as the "Venedigermandl". After the bridge over the Habach, the Emerald Path meanders through an area with an extraordinary number of natural springs. By means of a bridge onto a large rock in the middle of the Habach, you can experience first-hand the wildness of this mountain stream. After this, the Emerald Path leads through gentle, lightly forested areas of alpine pastures. Yet another figure drawn from legend tells the tale of the Fazenwand. With the valley head and its glistening glaciers in sight, you are now presented with fascinating insights into the geology and most important minerals of Habachtal. And of course, here in our family-friendly Wildkogel Arena you will also find a playground for the kids as well as climbing opportunities, close to Gasthof Enzianhütte.

The highlight of the Emerald Path is a landslide area close to Gasthaus Alpenrose. Here, you can borrow all the gear you need to hunt and pan for emeralds. With a little bit of patience, everyone has the chance to find an emerald here. The romantically situated Moa-Alm and the small Ahornsee tarn represent the conclusion of the Emerald Path, set against a unique mountain backdrop.



Adventure Hike in the Valley of Red Stones

Out on the new Venedigerweg, children and their parents can experience the beautiful landscapes of the Wildkogel Arena in Obersulzbachtal. The new Venedigerweg leads from the Hopffeldboden car park through Obersulzbachtal Valley, past the Kampriesenalm to the Berndlalm. In a little more than one hour, families will be able to complete this hiking path that features several attractions sure to appeal to the youngsters, a suspension footbridge spanning 60 meters, child-friendly huts to rest and play, plus a unique view of the Grosser Geiger in the background. The path then continues deeper into the valley, past the Postalm and the Kürsingerhütte. This is also the starting point for an expedition to the top of the Grossvenediger.


Hi, Kids!

If you collect all of the stamps along this path, you will receive a gift either at the Berndlalm or Neukirchen Tourist Office!  WALK, SEE, REST, PLAY AND ENJOY You can experience all of this on the Venedigerweg!


Click here to download a passbook for your stamps  >>

- The Chapel Path -

A hiking path for body and soul 

Nine places of peace and power in the Wildkogel Arena


In Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, there is a very special path, where the earthly and heavenly touch one another, be that in the snowy depths of winter or in the lush green of summertime. Aside from being a conventional hike, the Chapel Path is also regenerating for body and soul. At each of the chapels, one of the 10 Commandments has been reformulated into a Good Wish, intended to accompany each of us along our (life's) journey. The starting point for the Chapel Path is the parish church in Neukirchen. The path leads in the direction of Wald im Pinzgau, passing the Todes-, Schloss-, Hubertus-, the small Neukirchen-, Krausen- as well as Scheffaukapelle chapels along the way. The hike then continues in the direction of Sulzau, bringing us to the Christophorus- and Siggenkapelle chapels. Finally we will come to the Berndlkapelle in Sulzau.


The path is about 17.5 km long, though you can also enjoy the Chapel Path in several stages. Walking time is 4 - 41/2 hours.

Culinary treats from the Pinzgau "cookbook" await you at Hotel Hubertus by the Hubertuskapelle chapel, Gasthof Friedburg next to the Christophoruskapelle, as well as Gasthof Siggen by the Siggenkapelle.


More information about the Chapel Path can be found in our current brochure >>

Station 1: Pfarrkirche Neukirchen

Station 2: Friedhofskapelle

Station 3: Schlosskapelle

Station 4: Hubertuskapelle

Station 5: Krausenkapelle

Station 6: Kapelle Klein Neukirchen

Station 7: Scheffaukapelle

Station 8: Christophoruskapelle

Station 9: Siggenkapelle

Station 10: Berndlkapelle

- "View through the Tauern Window" -

A new geology theme trail in Untersulzbachtal

The geology theme trail known as the "View through the Tauern Window" leads from Gasthof Schütthof and alongside the imposing Untersulzbach Waterfall Natural Monument, to the historical Hochfeld copper mine.

Info points along this new National Park theme trail provide easily understood insights into the creation of the Hohe Tauern mountains, their geological structure as well as the cultural and historical development of ore and mineral mining in Untersulzbachtal.

Having arrived at the site of the former Hochfeld copper mine, visitors are introduced to the world of mining in former times, as they are the geological development of the Hohe Tauern through history.

The reconstructed and lovingly furnished Miners' Room, as well as the renovated historical mine buildings in the area of the Old Blacksmith's and Kitchens close to the Martinsteg,  are true highlights of this fascinating theme path.

This geology path can be explored on your own from May until the end of October, depending on weather conditions. It is also possible to walk 130 meters deep into the mine itself, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. until the end of September.

Total walking time: ca. 45 minutes. No admission charges.

Goethe Path

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Theme Path Seebach

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Glacier Path

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Natura Trail Blausee

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- Goethe Path -

From Gasthof Rechtegg, with its fantastic views of the Hohe Tauern peaks, since 2007 the Goethe Path has led out to the Filzenschartenmoos and the Trattenbachalm. On info boards at seven locations along the Goethe Path, we are able to read more about the author's "Metamorphosis of Plants" and his "Theory of Colors". During this hike, you are able to experience the magnificent landscapes of the Wildkogel Arena and a vibrant natural setting through the "eyes and thoughts" of Goethe himself. With their simple, artistic, sketch-like forms, the boards symbolize the development of a plant.


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- Theme Path Seebach -

The hiking path to the Seebachsee begins at the Hopffeldboden car park in Obersulzbachtal in Neukirchen am Grossvenediger.


Info boards describe the typical larch, pine and spruce forests, the Seebachsee and Seebachalm as well as the Grosser Geiger, the most striking mountain in Obersulzbachtal.
If you wish to hike the Seebachrunde, the climb via the Seebachalm is recommended. The hike back down is then via "Monau" to the Berndlalm, continuing to the Kampriesenalm and back to the Hopffeldboden car park.

This moderate hike takes about 5 ½ hours for the full loop.

- Glacier Path -

Hikers can reach the Glacier Path by setting out from Neukirchen and continuing via Sulzau and Obersulzbachtal. If you wish, you can even drive all the way out to the Hopffeldboden. From the Hopffeldboden (gate) to the Postalm is about a 2 - 2 1/2-hour walk. National Park Taxis are available (reservations required). The Glacier Path begins shortly after the Postalm, close to the Obersulzbachhütte.


For this hike through alpine terrain, you should allow yourself 3 - 4 hours. Please also make sure you are equipped with the right hiking gear (appropriate footwear, clothing etc.).

- Natura Trail Blausee -

Blausee lake is located in a forest clearing at the entrance to Obersulzbachtal; an imposing body of water distinguished by its blue and turquoise-green color, in a nature sanctuary surrounded by a picturesque forest of spruce, fir, larch and alder. This small lake inside Hohe Tauern National Park was created around 100 years ago, after a 12 meters-high debris-prevention dam was built on the Obersulzbach. In 1987, the beautifully romantic area surrounding the lake was destroyed by flooding, the recreation area being restored once more in 2007. Today, the pristine waters of this lake provide a valuable habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

- Natura Trail Blausee -

This very popular recreation area has been adversely affected by severe weather in recent years. The infrastructure (such as benches, tables, trash-collection facilities etc.) have been replaced. Other improvements include reasonable parking regulations, opening the area to controlled cattle grazing as well as the installation of grill areas and toilets.

The lake has also been dredged in order to provide adequate habitat for fish and amphibians - the Blausee has long been famous for its unique fauna and flora.

The surrounding shoreline has been attractively redesigned, now also featuring information and theme boards.

 A cooperation between the town of Neukirchen, Neukirchen Tourist Office and National Park Headquarters has made this project possible, under the leadership of Michael Steindwender of the Austrian Forestry Service within the scope of an EU-funded Leader Project.

We wish to make this precious natural jewel accessible to the local public as well as our guests, in the hope that this fragile area will be used with the necessary respect and commitment to nature preservation.

Friends of Nature / NaturaTrails >>



- Description of NaturaTrail Blausee -

Start: bus stop "Neukirchen/Dürnbach"
Finish: bus stops "Wald Ortsmitte" or "Rosental"
Total walking time: 4 - 5 hours


Description: From the bus stop along the road in the direction of Sulzau where, at the first possibility, you will need to make a left, taking you past the Dürnbach to Sulzau. After crossing the railway tracks, continue on the path towards the Schiedhof (or Schütthof) and Untersulzbachfall (follow the signs). Passing Gasthof Schütthof, you will come to the start of the path leading around Sulzbachfall waterfall. We will start out to the left and hike across a small bridge into the forest. Time and again, we will encounter scenic points affording impressive views of the canyon formed by the Untersulzbach as well as rock walls covered with yellow, iridescent lichen.

Continue a little further up the waterfall to the next trail crossing, where you can drop down to your right, cross a bridge and return to the start. If you wish, you can continue on to the Hochfeld mine. Once you come to the end of this path, you will be able to return to the Schütthof, where you will then follow a narrow path to the left leading between farmhouses and across a meadow in the direction of Blausee.

Back again on the paved road, continue to the left on the Mitterweg. Following this road you will come to Gasthof Siggen. Continue straight to a forestry lane, which you will keep to until you reach the next trail crossing, where you will take the path that drops down to the Blausee. Once there, benches and tables invite you to enjoy a pleasant break. A path with info boards takes you around the lake, providing insights into unique aspects of the surrounding nature. Your return initially follows the same path as far as Gasthof Siggen, then you will branch left and cross the Obersulzbach. From here, a forest path brings you to Wald. Once you have crossed the river, it is only a few meters to the town itself. The bus stop is located in the town center. If you wish, you can shorten your walk by following the road to Rosental from Gasthof Siggen.


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