Photovoltaic Generator in theWildkogel Arena

Europe's highest solar power plant

Our photovoltaic plant in the Wildkogel Arena is located at 2100 m above sea level - the highest solar power station in Europe, generating 75% of the Wildkogel lifts' electrical needs.

Energy is produced with or without direct sunshine, since the brightness of the mountains alone is enough to generate power. The plant is 30% more effective here than if it were located down in the valley. Plus, complete precautions have been made in the event of wind, snow or extreme weather - In a storm, the solar cells can be angled to be more streamlined. The Wildkogel Arena's photovoltaic system is actually quite cutting edge, and hopefully a model for other ski areas in future. In keeping with the "green energy" focus up on the mountain, the region also offers a full holiday experience that is eco-friendly from start to finish. The Widlkogel Arena is a member of the "Alpine Pearls", a group dedicated to eco-conscious holidaymaking. Our package "Gentle Mobility in Winter" is one option available to guests who want to enjoy a car-free vacation. In addition, numerous environmentally-friendly sporting opportunities, such as sledding, sleigh rides and snowshoe hikes with National Park rangers, are available to choose from.

The photovoltaic plant in the Wildkogel Arena is a collaborative project between Mein Kraftwerk PV GmbH, the leading solar-power company in Austria, the Wildkogel lift company as well as local communities. Further information about Mein Kraftwerk can be found at www.meinkraftwerk.at.


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Status Typ Name
I Wildkogelbahn I
II Wildkogelbahn II
III Smaragdbahn I
IV Smaragdbahn II
V Ganzeralm
VI Frühmesser
VII Pfeifferköpfl
VIII Braunkogel Schlepplift
IX Gensbichlalm
X Ganzeralm Tellerlift
XI Wolkenstein Tellerlift
XII Preimis Schlepplift
XIII Eggerfeld Anfängerlift
XIV Wennser Gletscher I
XV Wennser Gletscher II
XVI Kaserboden
XVII Wildkogelscharte I
XVIII Wildkogelscharte II
XIX Ganzer X-press
Status Typ Name
19 1 Wildkogelbahn Berg - Mitte
18 1a Wildkogelbahn Mitte - Neukirchen Talabfahrt
18 2 Pfeifferköpfl Berg - Smaragdbahn Berg
19 2 Wildkogelbahn Berg - Pfeifferköpfl
20 2 Pfeifferköpfl
18 3 Ganzeralm
19 3 Ganzeralm
18 4a Wildkogelbahn Berg - Ganzeralm
18 4b Smaragdbahn Berg - Braunkogel / Ganzeralm
18 5 Pfeifferköpfl ("Autobahn")
18 6a Wildkogelbahn Berg - Gensbichlalm
18 6b Neukirchen Talabfahrt
20 6 Neukirchen Talabfahrt
18 7 Gensbichlalm
19 7 Gensbichlalm
18 8 Gensbichlalm - Braunkogel
19 9 Braunkogel
20 10 Braunkogel - Ganzeralm
19 11 Braunkogel / Frühmesser Süd - Ganzeralm
19 12 Frühmesser - Ganzeralm
18 13 Frühmesser
19 14a Smaragdbahn Berg - Mitte
19 14b Smaragdbahn Mitte - Bramberg Talabfahrt
20 16 Braunkogel
18 17 "Skimovie" Rennstrecke
18 1b Skiweg Stockenbaum
18 14a Skiweg Bramberg
18 14b Skiweg Smaragdbahn Mitte - Bramberg
18 15 Skiweg Neuhaus
22 32 Pfeiferköpfl
Status Name
Talloipe Bramberg
Loipe Neudau
Loipe Dürnbach
Loipe Rosental
Loipe Sulzau
Loipe Trattenbach
Loipe Schönbach
Loipe Einöd
Loipe Markteinstieg Stockerfeld
Status Name
14a Rodelbahn Bramberg
14b Rodelbahn Smaragdbahn Mitte - Bramberg
1b Familien-Rodelbahn Stockenbaum
15 Familien-Rodelbahn Neuhaus
Rodelbahn Kühnreit