Photovoltaic Generator in theWildkogel Arena

Europe's highest solar power plant

Our photovoltaic plant in the Wildkogel Arena is located at 2100 m above sea level - the highest solar power station in Europe, generating 75% of the Wildkogel lifts' electrical needs.

Energy is produced with or without direct sunshine, since the brightness of the mountains alone is enough to generate power. The plant is 30% more effective here than if it were located down in the valley. Plus, complete precautions have been made in the event of wind, snow or extreme weather - In a storm, the solar cells can be angled to be more streamlined. The Wildkogel Arena's photovoltaic system is actually quite cutting edge, and hopefully a model for other ski areas in future. In keeping with the "green energy" focus up on the mountain, the region also offers a full holiday experience that is eco-friendly from start to finish. The Widlkogel Arena is a member of the "Alpine Pearls", a group dedicated to eco-conscious holidaymaking. Our package "Gentle Mobility in Winter" is one option available to guests who want to enjoy a car-free vacation. In addition, numerous environmentally-friendly sporting opportunities, such as sledding, sleigh rides and snowshoe hikes with National Park rangers, are available to choose from.

The photovoltaic plant in the Wildkogel Arena is a collaborative project between Mein Kraftwerk PV GmbH, the leading solar-power company in Austria, the Wildkogel lift company as well as local communities. Further information about Mein Kraftwerk can be found at


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