Crafts at the Salzburger Wollstadel

 - Crafts at the Salzburger Wollstadel -

The friendly ladies at the Wollstadel show the kids how to work with sheep's wool. The youngsters will be able to try their hand at felting, making their very own keychain pendant, known as a "Schlinder". We can share all of our worries and secrets with the "Schlinder". This small woolly ball swallows up all of our cares and we feel better again right away.



- Registration -

By 12 noon of the day before

Meeting point


- Meeting Point -

2 p.m. at the Salzburger Wollstadel



- Pick-up -

3:30 pm at the Salzburger Wollstadel



- Fee -

€ 10.00 per child

Minimum participation

- Minimum Participation -

5 children

Event Dates


- Event Dates -

every Thursday


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