Children's Program in the Wildkogel Arena

Fun, games and adventure with Kogel-Mogel and Kogel-Mia

Summer holidays in the Wildkogel Arena mean all kinds of games, sports and adventurous experiences with other youngsters the same age! With such a variety-packed kids' program, boredom will never be a factor. And the Wildkogel Arena's own mascots, Kogel-Mogel and Kogel-Mia, promise even more fun for the kids, adding all kinds of rascally tricks and jokes of their own.

Overview of the Children's Program

Ready for Adventure – Kids Special

Do-it-yourself glass art – creative hours for the whole family

Ready for Adventure – Kids Special

We will spend a few adventure-packed hours together, grilling, playing and laughing. In the process, a few exciting challenges will teach us more about the Wildkogel Arena. And you can be certain that our cute mascots Kogel-Mogel & Kogel-Mia will pay us a visit, too!

Do-it-yourself glass art – creative hours for the whole family

Everyone will get to create their very own, very individual glass flower rod. With a little bit of help from Regina and a whole bunch of your creativity, this morning is sure to be a special experience for the whole family.

Cool afternoon on an organic farm

 Crafts at the Salzburger Wollstadel

Cool afternoon on an organic farm

Totally without mom and dad, we will spend the afternoon with Christine at the Lahner Organic Farm in Dorf. She will take us on a tour of the barn, where we will be able to experience the animals up close and with all our senses. Whether a guided pony ride, crafting hearts out of hay, or shaking up a small tub of butter, the kids are certain never to get bored and have lots of fun in the process.

 Crafts at the Salzburger Wollstadel

The friendly ladies at the Wollstadel show the kids how to work with sheep's wool. The youngsters will be able to try their hand at felting, making their very own keychain pendant, known as a "Schlinder". We can share all of our worries and secrets with the "Schlinder". This small woolly ball swallows up all of our cares and we feel better again right away.

Registration: by 12 noon of the day before. Please contact the Salzburger Wollstadel, Tel.: +43 6566 8679

Meets: 2 p.m. at the Salzburger Wollstadel

Fee: € 10.00 per child

Minimum Participation: 5 children

Event Dates: every Thursday - throughout the year

Horseback Riding




Horseback Riding

Summer holidays spent high in the saddle, here in Hohe Tauern National Park. Here you will find everything you need for a perfect riding experience. Whether child or adult - in the Wildkogel Arena, everyone finds their own personal horseback riding adventure. The range of opportunities is especially wide for kids.


Tanzlehengut Bramberg: Johanna Rauch
Tel. +43 664 1502130

Glücksmomente Krimml: Bianca Leutgeb
Tel. +43 664 5252728


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