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Natura Trail Blausee

Blausee lake is located in a forest clearing at the entrance to Obersulzbachtal; an imposing body of water distinguished by its blue and turquoise-green color, in a nature sanctuary surrounded by a picturesque forest of spruce, fir, larch and alder. This small lake inside Hohe Tauern National Park was created around 100 years ago, after a 12 meters-high debris-prevention dam was built on the Obersulzbach. In 1987, the beautifully romantic area surrounding the lake was destroyed by flooding, the recreation area being restored once more in 2007. Today, the pristine waters of this lake provide a valuable habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

This very popular recreation area has been adversely affected by severe weather in recent years. The infrastructure (such as benches, tables, trash-collection facilities etc.) have been replaced. Other improvements include reasonable parking regulations, opening the area to controlled cattle grazing as well as the installation of grill areas and toilets.

The lake has also been dredged in order to provide adequate habitat for fish and amphibians - the Blausee has long been famous for its unique fauna and flora.

The surrounding shoreline has been attractively redesigned, now also featuring information and theme boards.

 A cooperation between the town of Neukirchen, Neukirchen Tourist Office and National Park Headquarters has made this project possible, under the leadership of Michael Steindwender of the Austrian Forestry Service within the scope of an EU-funded Leader Project.

We wish to make this precious natural jewel accessible to the local public as well as our guests, in the hope that this fragile area will be used with the necessary respect and commitment to nature preservation.

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