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The Bettlersteig Trail

The Bettlersteig connects the two Sulzbachtal valleys. We advise taking the Valley Taxi from Neukirchen to Obersulzbachtal and the Berndlalm, where you will then begin the hike. Your hike up to the Bettler Scharte follows a road as far as the Berndl Hochalm. Here, the narrow hiking trail branches off, taking you gently uphill to the Kampriesen Hochalm and from there through a series of steeper switchbacks to the top of the 2,000 meters-high Bettler Scharte. The hike back down to Untersulzbachtal first leads you across the moderate hillsides of the Hochalm, but then crosses the Wechselklamm, dropping through some very steep terrain. Then, the Bettlersteig becomes more leisurely once more, crossing alpine meadows until you reach the Finkalm, where refreshments are available.

You will make your way back to Neukirchen via the Untersulzbachtalweg, or simply ride the Valley Taxi from Gasthof Stockeralm. The Bettlersteig occasionally takes you across steep terrain and is only recommended for experienced hikers. The actual hiking time from the Berndlalm via the Bettlersteig to the Finkalm, or in the reverse direction, is 3 to 3.5 hours.


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