Sparkling “Advent a de Berg”

IIn Wildkogel-Arena Neukirchen & Bramberg, the Christmas season is filled with little moments of pure happiness.

The backdrop is provided by the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region, including the two picture-postcard towns of Neukirchen and Bramberg, along with the snow-dusted two- and three-thousand-meter peaks of the Hohe Tauern and Kitzbühel Alps. Here in the Wildkogel Arena, you will experience an Advent the way it used to be. December is studded with romantic Christmas hikes, readings, concerts and Advent markets.

The Samplhaus in Bramberg once again hosts its traditional Advent Calendar, which includes a number of different festive events along with guided tours.

Yet another special tip is a magical Advent market at the beautifully situated Naturdorf Oberkühnreit in Neukirchen. Between the small wooden chalets, a traditional Advent is celebrated amid candlelight and festive music. The fragrance of herbal tea, mulled wine and hot punch, doughnuts and homemade cake wafts through the air. As you stroll from one hut to the next, you are certain to be enchanted by the authentic gift ideas that surround you, including typical arts & crafts, handmade Advent wreaths, wooden toys, pottery and many other small treasures.

In Neukirchen, a reading by the “Schreibs auf” literary group, accompanied by Kebic Muamer on the accordion, is bound to get all visitors in the perfect frame of mind for Christmas.

The event known as “Advent a de Berg”, which takes place at the valley station of the Smaragdbahn lift, puts its own distinctive twist on Advent, including spirited performances by the popular Meissnitzer Band. Fairytale-teller Helmut Wittmann and two musicians invite you to join them for a hike punctuated by seasonal fables and legends beneath the starry Pinzgau night sky. Wind musicians, carolers and even glassblowers will also be participating in the event. And for the kids, there will be pony rides, a workshop teaching them how to make Nativity scenes, a Christmas post office and much more. In addition, you will have the opportunity to sample a broad range of delectable local specialties that include Germbladl, Kletzenbrot and many other mouth-watering favorites from the Pinzgau region. Aside from hand-crafted items, the Salzburger Wollstadel offers a wide selection of felted slippers along with vests, shawls and pullovers made from the wool of sheep that have grazed in the local mountains.

When Charly Rabanser and Hans-Peter Röck invite guests to join them for their Christmas reading at the Cinétheatro, there will only be three more nights to sleep through before the long-anticipated Christmas Eve finally arrives.

Advent in Wildkogel-Arena Neukirchen & Bramberg
02.12.2017 A magical Advent market at Naturdorf Oberkühnreit in Neukirchen
02.12.2017 Advent concert with the Wiltener Boys Choir at Bramberg parish church
03.12.2017 A magical Advent market at Naturdorf Oberkühnreit in Neukirchen
09.12.2017 Advent reading “Schreibs auf” with Muamer Kebic, accordion, at Tauriska-Kammerlanderstall in Neukirchen
17.12.2017 “Advent a de Berg” at the valley lift station of the Smaragdbahn in Bramberg
19.12.2017 Christmas reading with Charly Rabanser and Hans-Peter Röck  at the Cinétheatro in Neukirchen



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