Huts & Dining Opportunities in Wildkogel-Arena Neukirchen & Bramberg

Pure enjoyment during your holidays

Wildkogel-Arena Neukirchen & Bramberg greets you with numerous restaurants and traditional inns - along with umbrella bars with a great atmosphere for lots of après-ski fun in winter. Either up in the mountains or down in the valleys, allow yourself to be enchanted by our sincere Pinzgau-style hospitality, as you sample a delicious selection of regional specialties, all of which are prepared with love and pride.

- Overview of Huts & Dining Establishments -

Alpengasthof Alpenrose

Alpengasthof Neuhaushof

1.386 m


5733 Bramberg

Familie Egger

+43 6566 8670

+43 664 91 68 022

- Alpengasthof Alpenrose -

Alpengasthof Alpenrose in Habachtal is also an ideal starting point for mineral hunters.

You can reach the Alpenrose either by Valley Taxi or on foot - taking about 2 hours to hike. This inn is open from mid-May until mid-October.

Enjoy your holidays in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The Alpenrose serves local specialties and pastries.

35 beds as well as a mattress dorm (group accommodations) for around 30 people are available for those wishing to spend the night.

Also provided is a beautiful shower room along with a drying room for boots and clothing.

Located right next to the inn is a site where you can pan for emeralds.

5741 Neukirchen

Rodina Graber

+43 6565 6447

- Alpengasthof Neuhaushof -

On the Sonnberg above Neukirchen, at the end of the ski run (with snowmaking capability) that drops down from the Wildkogelhaus, you will find the newly remodeled Neuhaushof.

After a pleasant break for refreshments, our taxi will take you back into town.

Products from our own farm.

Alpengasthof Wolkenstein

Mountain Restaurant


5733 Bramberg

Familie Dengg

+43 664 43 26 390

- Alpengasthof Wolkenstein -

Located in the heart of the ski area with views of the Grossvenediger, next to the ski run dropping down to the town center of Neukirchen, featuring a winter garden, sun terrace, restaurant, bar.

Comfortable place to stay during your holidays, popular excursion destination for winter hikers (chapel "Mary in the Snow").



5741 Neukirchen

Réne Steixner

+43 6565 6405 34

- Scenic Mountain Restaurant -

Located right next to the mountain station of the Wildkogel lifts as well as Kogel-Mogel Kinderland.

Guest kindergarten and children's restaurant for the youngsters.

Panoramic winter garden and large scenic terrace with fascinating views of Hohe Tauern National Park.



1.402 m


5733 Bramberg

Martina und Ferdinand Schösser

+43 664 42 95 176

- Baumgartenalm -

On the Grosser Rettenstein, reachable in about 2 hours from the mountain station of the Wildkogel lifts via the Geisl Hochalm or the Haferlalm. 

Hearty snacks, including homemade mountain cheese.


5741 Neukirchen

Eva Vorderegger

+43 6565 6035

- Bergeralm -

Soak up some sunshine next to the ski run just above the lift mid-station, and enjoy fantastic views of the Hohe Tauern range.

The Vorderegger family will treat you to traditional dishes and homemade pastries, served either in their cozy dining room or out on the sunny terrace.

Bergschmied Restaurant and Bar


5733 Bramberg

Daniel Seifriedsberger

+43 6566 7259

- Bergschmied Restaurant and Bar -

Restaurant Bergschmied and Alpinbar Schmiede.

Located at the valley lift station of the Smaragdbahn in Bramberg.

1.510 m


5741 Neukirchen

Familie Hofer

+43 6565 6566

+43 664 91 66 718

Link zur Live-Cam

- Berndlalm -

Almgasthof Berndalm is a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers. The Berndlam is a base for hikers to the Seebachsee, Foiskarsee, the Kürsingerhütte and even to the Grossvenediger!

Open from the beginning of May until mid-October.

The Berndlalm can also be reached using the Valley Taxi.



1.313 m


5733 Bramberg

Familie Blaikner

+43 6566 7383

+43 664 9068611

- Enzianhütte -

The Enzianhütte in Habachtal serves as an ideal base for mineral collectors.

The Enzianhütte can be reached either by Valley Taxi or on foot - the hiking time is around 1 1/2 hours.

The hut is open from mid-May until mid-October.

Once at the Enzianhütte, you can quench your thirst as you are treated to delicious treats from their own organic farm.

If you need accommodations, 28 beds along with a mattress dorm provide space for around 20 people to spend the night.

1.410 m


5733 Bramberg

Andreas Kreil

+43 664 3519966

- Moa-Alm -

The Moa-Alm has been in its original state since 1771, the oldest hut in the Habachtal.
Easily accessible for hikers and mountainbikers.

The cow shed was converted into a guest-house, whole-day warm kitchen, homemade food.
Cooked on a wood stove (about 70 - 80 years old)

Simple, quaint, cozy, good ...

Open depending on snow and weather conditions: End of May - October
Open daily from about 8.00 am



1.400 m


5741 Neukirchen

Sepp und Brigitte Mair

+43 6565 8264

+43 664 51 47 611

- Finkalm -

The Finkalm lies in Untersulzbachtal, affording glorious views of the Venediger Group. A starting point for numerous mountain tours. Also with its very own cheese dairy!

Open from the beginning of June until the end of September.


5741 Neukirchen

+43 6565 6405 34

- Fuchslöchl -

Fliegerbichl - Restaurant & Après Ski


5733 Bramberg

Familie Nill

+43 6566 8207

- Fliegerbichl - Restaurant & Après Ski -

Whether alone, as a couple or with a group of friends - the Fliegerbichl offers a marvelous selection of foods for all tastes.

Or in winter, after sledding or skiing, why not treat yourself to a drink at the après-ski bar in front of an open fire.


5733 Bramberg

Familie Schernthaner

+43 6565 6847

- Ganzer-Hochalm -

Reachable in around 30 minutes from the mountain terminal of the Wildkogel lifts in the direction of Mühlbachtal (1900 m in elevation).

Fresh, home-grown products, as well as warm meals.

Twice a week, cheese is made in the old hut over an open fire.

Almrestaurant Geisl-Alm



5733 Bramberg

Familie Wöhrer

+43 6565 6641

- Almrestaurant Geisl Alm -

Ca. 35 minutes from the mountain terminal of the Wildkogel lifts and from Wildkogel summit along the new path.

Hot meals cooked by your host Sepp are served throughout the day. Overnight accommodations (with shared showers) also available.

1.415 m


5741 Neukirchen

Familie Blaikner

+43 6565 6272

+43 676 93 78 271

- Kampriesenalm -

The Kampriesenalm in Obersulzbachtal was opened in 2013 and stands right next to the Venedigerweg.

It takes about 1.5 hours to hike from the Hopffeldboden car park to the Kampriesenalm.

The Blaickner family look forward to your visit.

Kogl Bar


Wildkogelbahnstraße, 5741 Neukirchen

Hotel Kammerlander

+43 6565 6231

- Kogl Bar -

Right there at the Wildkogelbahnen valley lift terminal.

2.558 m


5741 Neukirchen

Christina und Markus Egger

+43 676 7165221 oder
+43 6565 6450 

Link zur Live-Cam

- Kürsingerhütte -

The Kürsingerhütte lies inside Hohe Tauern National Park, amid the glacial world of the Grossvenediger, at the foot of the Keeskogel above the Obersulzbachkees.

It is the base for numerous mountaineering tours in the Venediger Group. 

Open 14 days before Easter until the end of September.

Neue Thüringerhütte

Pinzgauer Kanne

2.240 m


5733 Bramberg

Gertraud Aberger

+43 6566 20126

+43 664 42 73 214

- Neue Thüringerhütte -

The Thüringerhütte is a hut managed by the Alpine Association and is open from mid-June until the end of September.

Naturally, at the Thüringerhütte they are pleased to serve you a delicious selection of homemade foods.

You can also spend the night in one of 50 sleeping-bag spots or one of 30 beds.

To reach the Thüringerhütte, you can take the Valley Taxi to Alpengasthof Alpenrose.

Once there, you will hike between 2 1/2 (via the Noitroi) and 3 1/2 hrs. (regular trail) until you arrive at the Thüringerhütte.

Neukirchen 315
5741 Neukirchen

+43 664 50 74 661

- Pinzgauer Kanne -

Schirmbar Platzhirsch



                         5733 Bramberg

+43 650 3862386

Schirmbar Platzhirsch

1.700 m


Obersulzbach 66, 5741 Neukirchen

Familie Pichler

+43 664 11 16 520

- Postalm -

You can reach the Postalm either on foot, by mountain bike, or in the comfort of one of the Valley Taxis.

From there, you will be able to enjoy glorious views of the Grosser Geiger, one of the most beautiful valley heads in the Hohe Tauern range.  

Open 14 days before Easter (for ski tourers) until mid-October.

Ramba Zambar



5741 Neukirchen

Peter Vorderegger

+43 664 31 67 484

- Ramba Zambar -

The rustic wooden pavilion, with its comfy sun terrace and 360° panoramic views of the Wildkogel Arena, promises a great atmosphere and lots of fun.

You will find us immediately to the right of the mountain terminal for the Wildkogel lifts.


5733 Bramberg

Eva Exenberger

+43 6565 6895

- Rettenstein -

A traditional-style bar that's perfect for après-ski, plus an outstanding restaurant serving regional specialties invite you to enjoy a memorable refreshment stop here at the Rettenstein, located right next to the Ganseralm quad chairlift.

Exclusive, spacious apartments are also available for holidays spent in the heart of the Ski Arena.



1.250 m


5741 Neukirchen

Josef Kaiser

+43 664 98 61 041

- Stockeralm -

Beautiful view of the Kleinvenediger and base for numerous hikes to the glacier as well as via the Bettlersteig to Obersulzbachtal.


The hut can be reached from Neukirchen in the direction of Untersulzbachtal. A hut taxi is also offered, if desired.


Hut for up to 12 people, 1 WC, shared shower facilities.


The Stockeralm offers breakfast and hot meals throughout the day (including specialties featuring wild game). Numerous hiking paths head straight out from the hut, including hikes to the glacier and over the Bettlerscharte to Obersulzbachtal.

Rooms rented out in summer, reachable by mountain bike, hunting opportunities, 7 km from the town center.


1.313 m


5741 Neukirchen

Johann Bräuer

+43 6566 6263

- Sonntagalm -

Rustic hut with abundant use of light woods. Great views of Hohe Tauern National Park and the Kitzbühel Alps.

Open from mid-June until mid-September.



1.287 m


5741 Neukirchen

Johann Kröll

+43 6565 6324

- Trattenbachalm -

From the parking area by Alpengasthof Rechtegg, your path takes you through Trattenbachtal valley to the alpine pastures surrounding the  Niederkaseralm (abandoned).

Here, the trail gets steeper. Passing a waterfall, you will come to an expanse of high moorlands.

At the point where the Hintalgraben joins the Trattenbach, you will make a left towards the Trattenbachalm.

Open from mid-June until mid-October.

Marktstraße 64
5741 Neukirchen

Familie Schweinberger

+43 6565 6204

- Schweini's -

Einkehr Bramberg

S. Lounge

5733 Bramberg

Thomas Luschnik

+43 664 3911774

- Einkehr Bramberg -

Après-ski umbrella bar right next to the valley terminal of the Smaragdbahn lift, on the terrace of Restaurant S.Lounge

Senningerfeld 1, 5733 Bramberg

Thomas Luschnik

+43 664 3911774

- S. Lounge -

Enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere at this newly built restaurant located at the valley lift terminal of the Smaragdbahn.

The S.Lounge team treats you to a fantastic culinary selection, while you gaze out from the sun terrace and watch sledders and skiers crossing the finish line.



1.650 m


5741 Neukirchen

Martin Wanger

+43 6565 6031

+43 664 91 63 779

- Steineralm -

Your hosts at the Steineralm have been offering heartfelt hospitality for more than 40 years. A family business with a personal atmosphere.

Unique views of the mountain world surrounding the Grossvenediger.  

Open from the beginning of June until the end of September.


5741 Neukirchen

Familie Wanger

+43 6565 6469

+43 664 54 38 970

- Steiner-Hinteralm -

Very warm and friendly mountain hut in upper Dürnbachtal.

Recharge your batteries with hearty products from their own hill farm.

Gasthof Stockenbaum


5741 Neukirchen

Familie Kaserer

+43 6565 6452

- Gasthof Stockenbaum -

Mittelstation Smaragdbahn

5733 Bramberg

Familie Grössig

+43 664 38 83 849

- Vierlauchenhütte -

The Grössig family welcomes you to their newly built ski hut right next to the mid-station of the Smaragdbahn lift.

In the cozy dining rooms or out on the sun terrace, you will be given great service by friendly service staff.

From the terrace, you can enjoy marvelous views of the Habach- and Salzachtal valleys.




5733 Bramberg

Daniela Sendlhofer

+43 664 38 53 653

+43 6565 6672-5

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Direkt an der Bergstation der Smaragdbahn Wildkogel.

Bedienungsrestaurant und Sonnenterrasse mit faszinierendem Blick auf die Berge des Nationalparks Hohe Tauern.


5733 Bramberg

Familie Hutter

+43 6565 6672

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Magical hut atmosphere and upscale hotel amenities. From hot après-ski parties to  relaxing get-togethers in rustic-style dining rooms.

Awaiting you after a full day of skiing are a wonderful sauna as well as a dance bar.

Right next to the house, you will find the start of the world's longest floodlit sled run.

Zwischnzeit - Die Erlebnisalm


5733 Bramberg

Harald Schwab

+43 664 23 19 027

- Zwischnzeit - Die Erlebnisalm -

Half way to Bramberg, it's time for tobogganers to take a bit of a timeout to enjoy small snacks and hot drinks.

In the wooden pavilion with bar and large sun terrace, the après-ski atmosphere really begins to heat up fast.

The "Zwischnzeit" bar in the Wildkogel Arena was selected by, the world's biggest test portal for ski areas, as the best après-ski hut in 2012.


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