Samplhaus in Bramberg am Wildkogel

Spaces for smaller-scale events in Bramberg


- Samplhaus -

The Samplhaus in Bramberg is a place of encounter. The focus is on people and their place in society. In keeping with this theme, an events series was created known as "Looking over the fence".

The Samplhaus in Bramberg has actually existed since about the year 1500 and, for the most part, is still in its original condition. The harmonious and authentic interior of the house was renovated with painstaking care, its rustic rooms now used for special events including exhibitions and seminars.

In front of the house is a beautifully tended garden, where, amongst other things, vegetables are grown for sale at the weekly market held at the Samplhaus. Visitors can also view a traditional Pinzgau hay barn, a wind harp and a religious way-side altar.

Contact information

- Contact Information -

Christl Hochwimmer
Hadergasse 11
5733 Bramberg

Tel.: +43 6566 7465

Guided tours

- Guided Tours -

Free guided tours of the Samplhaus - every Wednesday

Starting time: 10 a.m.


- Registration -

By 4 p.m. of the day before through Christl Hochwimmer

Event dates

- Event Dates -

14.06. – 13.09.2017


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