Current Weather in the Wildkogel Arena

Live weather, snow reports and weekend forecast.

Weather station Elevation Temperature Humidity Wind Wind Direction
Pfeifferköpfl 2125 5,4°C 59,8 % 45,1km/h O 92,3°

Letzte Aktualisierung: 25.04.2017 18:28:58

morning afternoon Wednesday Thursday

Date Temperature Sunshine Freezing level
25.04.2017 Vormittag9°C/48°F30%2100
25.04.2017 Nachmittag10°C/50°F20%2200
26.04.2017 0°C/32°F10%1000
27.04.2017 1°C/34°F20%1100

If only we could preserve the current weather, at least for a few days! But the old Greeks knew some time ago that “everything is in a state of flux”, and this particularly applies to the weather! The morning will still be quite nice, but after midday the clouds will increase and give way to showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

This damp weather will still not improve. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the weather conditions will remain the same as today. An improvement in the weather is only forecast for Saturday.


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