The Hohe Tauern National Park

The National Park idea and history

In 1913 1,100 hectares of land in the Stubach and Ammer  valley in the Hohe Tauern region were bought by a German-Austrian Union, "Verein Naturschutzpark". Inspired by the already existing and well-known American National Parks they wanted these 1,100 hectares to become a conservation area.

Initiator of this purchase was Dr. August Prinzinger, a Member of the Salzburg Provincial Parliament, and due to him the National Park Idea was brought to the Hohe Tauern. Because of wars and economic crisis the National Park was founded decades after the purchase, in the 1980ies as the first National Park in Austria. With 1,856 km² it is the biggest National Park in the Alps with a unique and pristine natural and cultural landscape.

Here some impressions from the Hohe Tauern National Park

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The unique 1,800 m² alpine world of experience. The Hohe Tauern national park with the highest peaks of Austria and its inhabitants as ibex, chamois or snow mouse seem close enough to touch. ten stations can be expored. The National Park center is daily open.


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