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Overview of our Event Highlights

- Overview of All Highlights -

2. Wildkogel Musikfestival

2. Wildkogel Musikfestival

Bramberg Crystal Days

Bramberg Crystal Days

01.04. - 08.04.2017

Während des Tages in den Skihütten der Wildkogel-Arena und am Abend im stimmungsvollen Festival-Zelt oder in Neukirchner Lokalen!

- 2. Wildkogel Musikfestival -

mitanond - lässig - schräg

Wer in der Woche vor der Karwoche nach einem traumhaften Skitag in der Wildkogel-Arena seine Ohren mit feinsten Tönen verwöhnen und zu den angesagten Bands abtanzen möchte, ist beim Wildkogel Musikfestivals perfekt aufgehoben! „mitanond – lässig – schräg“ lautet das Motto, unter dem Gäste und Einheimische beim coolen Partysound der derzeit wohl angesagtesten Bands feiern. Ob in den Skihütten am Wildkogel, in den Neukirchner Lokalen oder im stilvollen Festivalzelt - das 2. Wildkogel Musikfestival bietet Genuss für Augen & Ohren und der ganze Ort wird zur Feierzone. Gemeinsam mit dem Festival-Ski-Guide carvt man über die Pisten des Wildkogels und trifft sich zu einem kulinarischen und musikalischen Leckerbissen auf einer der Skihütten.

28.04 .- 30.04.2017

8 p.m.

- Bramberg Crystal Days -

The Crystal Days and Mineral Info are amongst Austria’s most interesting and attractive mineral events.
More at:

28.04. + 29.04.
The Hotel Senningerbräu is the venue for talks and films about minerology.
The annual Mineral Info is a one-day public exhibition of minerals collected in SalzburgerLand during the season 2016
Venue: Hotel Senningerbräu
Please note: Crystal Days and Mineral Info are no markets - minerals are not available for sale



Venice Rush - the mountain is not enough

Venice Rush - the mountain is not enough

Hopsi Hopper Kids' Run

Hopsi Hopper Kids' Run


- Venice Rush - the mountain is not enough -

160 km by bike

2500 vertical meters on foot an on skis

Entry also possible later in the cycle route



Starts: 2.00 pm 

Sports grounds in Mühlbach

- Hopsi Hopper Kids' Run -

True to the motto "Taking part is what it's all about", this event isn't about being the quickest, it's about having fun. Every child is certain to receive one of the great prizes in the Hopsi Hopper Lucky Box!

And after the run, there will be a big games festival for all of the kids.

Registration: by 5.00 pm on 19.05. through Raiffeisenbank Bramberg; no entry fee

Bergmesse bei der Berndlalm

Bergmesse bei der Berndlalm

Club of Newchurch

Club of Newchurch


Starts: 11.00 am

Berndlalm, Neukirchen

- Bergmesse at the Berndlalm in the Obersulzbach valley -

11.06 - 18.06.2017


- Welcome to Newchurch 11.-18. June 2017 -

Dear Friends of TRIDAYS!

We would like to inform you that we have mutually agreed with TRIUMPH to end TRIDAYS with the last joint event having taken place in 2016.  After discussions together we have both now accepted that it would be in our common interests to go our separate ways and we would like to take this opportunity to thank TRIUMPH for 11 splendid years, and would be delighted to continue welcoming Triumph as both guest and exhibitor.

Since we want to make a fresh start going down the road, we have decided to rename the event. And just as earlier, when Raider became Twix, TRIDAYS will now become CLUB OF NEWCHURCH. The thought behind the change: Let us develop an event based on our vision and that we able to solidly identify with. As we move forward in this new endeavour, we will be supported by several loyal companions including LSL, NOLAN, WALZWERK, RESTLESS, ROKKER, BAD&BOLD, KINGSTON CUSTOM as well as other great friends and exhibitors.

Naturally, we discussed long and hard what direction we should take, and we finally reached the conclusion that we want to return to our roots and what truly drives us: motorcycling. Over the years, Triweek developed into a great opportunity for a big family get-together. It is precisely that which we want to nurture and expand within the framework of the C.o.N. 
“7 days pure motorcycle emotion”

We want to step away from the mega event, away from quantity, and move towards quality, authenticity and atmosphere. We have countless ideas bouncing around in our heads, that now need to be put into action: Amongst other things, we want to provide a platform for the young customizer scene, want to be open to other motorcycle makes, launch a motorcycle film festival in the next few years, plus we also have a few off-the-wall ideas as well. You are certain to be surprised!!

We hope that you will continue to be our close, loyal companions on this exciting new journey we will share together.


Mastermind Uli Brée & Ingrid Maier-Schöppl & Robert Möschl Touristoffice Newchurch



Bramberg Village Festival

Bramberg Village Festival


Starts: 11.00 am


- Opening of Alpine Summer -

"Springwater & Alpine Herbs" – the motto of Alpine Summer 2017 in Salzburg 

If you hike through the Wildkogel Arena and keep your eyes peeled, along the edge of the trail you will probably discover hundreds of wild herbs: many with healing powers, and many that simply taste delicious. Yet another great treasure of the Wildkogel Arena is our water: Our valleys are home to rushing streams, crystal-clear mountain tarns, and springs bubbling out of the ground with water pure enough to drink.

Live Music: "Wildkogel Böhmische" and  "LeRoXa"

Side Program:
Yodeling course with Thomas Reitsamer, guided herb hike and "Herbal ABC" workshop, outdoor games for children, plus the chance to learn how to tie traditional braids.

Event Host: Herbert Gschwendtner.


Plus, refreshments featuring the best food & drink the hill country has to offer!

30.06. - 01.07.2017

Starts Friday: 8.00 pm

Starts Saturday: 4.00 pm

 Bramberg village center

- Bramberg Village Festival -

Local folk societies and innkeepers invite guests to the traditional Bramberg Village Festival. The whole town center is transformed into a giant fairground with lots of attractions.

Entertaining games for adults and children.

Friday: DJ
Saturday: Live music "Gruppe Gastein"

Entrance for Friday and Saturday: € 3.00 (only for Saturday also € 3.00)

Bergmesse am Gernkogel

Bergmesse am Gernkogel

Festival of St. Lawrence
Festival of St. Lawrence


Starts: 11.30 am

Gernkogel, Neukirchen

- Bergmesse am Gernkogel -

11.08. - 13.08.2017

Starts Friday and Saturday: 8.00 pm

                      Starts Sunday: 11.00 am

Village park, Bramberg

- Festival of St. Lawrence-

Friday: 8.00 pm Concert of the Bramberg Folk Band

Saturday: 8.00 pm Concert

Sonntag: 11.00 am Garden festival with "Orginal Hopfenbläser"

Bergmesse am Kröndlhorn

Bergmesse am Kröndlhorn

Mineral Exchange

Mineral Exchange


Beginn: 11.30 Uhr

Kröndlhorn, Neukirchen

- Bergmesse am Kröndlhorn im Trattenbachtal-


Duration: 08.00 am - 3.00 pm

Bramberg Tourism School

- Mineral Exchange -

This event only offers minerals from the Alpine world, which makes it even more appealing and distinguishes the Bramberg Mineral Exchange from similar shows. Finishing touches are provided by a special exhibition of extraordinary crystals from the Hohe Tauern mountains, as well as a tombola with a chance to win crystals and local minerals 

Entrance: € 2,00

Mountain Mass on the Zwölferkogel

Mountain Mass on the Zwölferkogel

Museum Festival with craft market

Museum Festival with craft market


Starts: 11.00 am

Zwölferkogel, Bramberg

- Mountain Mass on the Zwölferkogel -

The Veterans‘ Association invites the public to a mountain mass! Guests can ride up as far as the Karalm if desired.
In bad weather, the mass will be held at 10.00 am at the Karalm


Starts: 11.00 am

Museum Bramberg

- Museum Festial with craft market-

Traditionelles Fest im Freilichtbezirk des Museums Bramberg.
Handwerker aus unserer Region stellen ihre Arbeit vor, für Tanz und Unterhaltung sorgt eine Tanzlmusi, und auch für das leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt!
Freier Eintritt ins Museum!

Harvest Festival Fair

Harvest Festival Fair




Starts: 10.00 am

 Bramberg Park

- Harvest Festival Fair -

The public will be offered hill cheese, butter, fresh farmhouse bread and other delicacies from the Pinzgau region. Hosted by local farmers, plus dance and live entertainment


Beginn: 19.00 Uhr

Hotel Abelhof

- Almabtriebsfest vom Unterguggenbauer-

Für beste Stimmung sorgt ab 19.00 Uhr der "Original Alpenrauschklang"

Die Kühe treffen zwischen  ca. 14.00 und 15.00 Uhr beim Hotel Abelhof ein.


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