Krimml Waterfalls

Europe's highest waterfalls

- Krimml Waterfalls -

Beginning at the end of the Achental, the waters of the Krimml Waterfalls first flow across gentle alpine meadows, until, when they reach the mouth of the valley, they plunge in three separate tiers a total of 380 meters into the depths below.

Enabling you to enjoy this impressive natural spectacle up close, the Waterfall Path features numerous viewing platforms. This over 100-year-old pathway leads visitors alongside the falls and all the way to the top, treating you to spectacular views of the highest waterfalls in Europe and the fifth-highest in the whole world.

During your hike, enjoy the beautiful nature which surrounds Krimml Waterfalls, or, if you are taking a tour on your mountain bike, be sure to include a short stop or two along the way.


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