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1st Organic Crater Garden in Austria


The crater, an example of permaculture, has a cultivation area of 3,300 m², the crater’s diameter is 60 meters, while the height is seven meters. The terraced structure creates a windbreak. As a result, climate zones are created on the interior of the crater which protect the plants from erosion. They are supplied with the necessary water and warmth.

In the last year, 80 fruit trees were started, of which 30 were different apple varieties, as were 500 berry bushes and 1,000 herb plants.

The project is supported by the Tauriska Association and by Sonderprojekt Salzburg. The pond was planted with the assistance of the Pinzgau Biotope Preservation Group. After the briefest of time, frogs, dragonflies, slowworms, bees, butterflies and many other small creatures turned up and enriched this garden. At this point, the togetherness and interaction with nature became truly evident .

Family Möschl

Rosemarie Möschl has managed to create a truly impressive piece of nature here, one which holds incredible variety in store for visitors, a variety of species, fragrances and impressions. For Rosemarie Möschl, turning the garden to our advantage also means adding to our knowledge, both through practical work in the garden, as well as through special continuing-education events. Which is why she also trained and became certified as an herb educator.

Sulmtaler hens, representative of an ancient Austrian breed, prized both because of their eggs and as fattened birds, are also intended to become part of the natural cycle of the crater garden. The feed for the hens will come from their own, fully organic cultivation, while the warmth generated by the henhouse will be used to operate a greenhouse .


Organic Crater Garden
Schützingergut, Hans and Rosemarie Möschl
Schönbach 16, 5733 Bramberg
Tel.: +43 (0)6566 7522 or +43 (0)699 11468448

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